Monday, September 21, 2009

The disposable Russian bride

Not so long ago, before a guy with a Russian sounding name brought the financial institutions to their knees, the Australian industry was crying out for skilled workers in all fields. The Australian Government, like any good and democratically elected government, has quickly reacted to this and has promptly increased the immigration numbers, adding a special visa for the skilled migrants.
Australia has always been in this privileged situation - whenever there was a shortage, the immigration gates would open.
It seems that now the Chinese economy is recovering faster that expected, so companies who have been laying off staff like there was no tomorrow are again crying out for skilled workforce.
But like so many men affected by mid-life crisis who have had enough of their wives cooking and are looking for some fresh Russian borscht, these companies are doing the same.
They are telling the government that the old workforce is way too old and it is impossible to re-train old staff (even though the staff would be doing the same job).
And the government, like any good and democratically elected government, seems to be embarking again in searching for the disposable Russian bride.

What to do with poor old women left behind?